College of Education (Women) is located at the bank of the Indus River in the heart of Sundus village district Skardu. The covered area of the college is 91kanal, and the land was donated by the Sundus villagers.

The history of teacher education in Baltistan is young. From the beginning to 1999, the teachers did not have training and professional development opportunities in this region. AIOU and AKESP were playing their role in the capacity development of the pre-service and in-service teachers of the region. The first education Institution named “The Teacher Training Institute” was established in 1999 in a rented building under the supervision of DoE. Later the TTI was affiliated with KIU. Before 1999 the teachers were sent to other provinces and Gilgit for different professional training programs. After its establishment, the college worked under the Directorate of Education (Director Education Colleges) Gilgit-Baltistan. Due to management issues, Directorate Education Baltistan Division was made responsible to look after the college matters. Since then, the college has been running under the Directorate of Education Baltistan Division. In 2017 the elementary college upgraded to the College of Education. After the establishment of the University of Baltistan Skardu, now the college is affiliated with UoBS and offers four years degree in BS-Education,