🎉 Exciting News from Government Education College for Women, Skardu! 🌟
We are thrilled to announce that Government Education College for Women in Skardu has achieved a remarkable milestone by becoming the FIRST college in Gilgit-Baltistan to receive accreditation for Level X! 🏆 This prestigious accreditation has been conferred by the National Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (NACTE), Islamabad, marking a significant achievement for the college.
Principal Zubeida Kifayat extends heartfelt congratulations to the entire college team for their hard work and dedication. Special appreciation goes to Zaheer Abbas, Chairman of the NACTE Committee, and committee members Muhammad Iqbal, Aniqa Banu, Saima Batool, and Aashiq Hussain, who played instrumental roles in this achievement.
Government Education College for Women, Skardu, stands as one of the key institutions in Gilgit-Baltistan, and this accreditation is a testament to its commitment to excellence in education. The college has rapidly gained recognition for its outstanding performance and has become a top choice for students and parents in the region.
The accreditation process, overseen by the National Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (NACTE), ensures the quality of teacher education programs. Following the evaluation process, NACTE categorizes the institution into four levels of accreditation: W, X, Y, and Z, with Z being the lowest and W being the highest. Each level requires the institution to demonstrate its performance against specific indicators and performance criteria. The college's commitment to maintaining high educational standards has led to this well-deserved recognition.
We express our gratitude to the entire teaching staff, administrative team, and students for their unwavering dedication. Principal Zubeida Kifayat also extends sincere thanks to the Education Department's higher authorities for their continuous support.
Let's celebrate this achievement together! 🎓🌟 #EducationExcellence #SkarduCollegeAchievement #ProudMoment