Code of Conduct for Students

Students are granted admission to the college with the specific understanding that they will abide by the rules and regulations of the college regarding discipline, uniform, and attendance in the classes as laid down in this prospectus. In this respect, a student must adhere to the following code of conduct.

  • During their stay in the college, every student shall apply himself/herself to the program of study in which he/she is enrolled.
  • S/he shall participate in co-curricular activities compatible with his/her aptitude.
  • S/he shall respect the religious and cultural values of each other.
  • S/he shall refrain from:
  1. allowing or abetting entry into the college premises with unauthorized persons.
  2. participating in or arranging any activity of political, religious, or nationalist party or student organization within the college premises.
  3. the use of drugs, narcotics or alcoholic products, and any kind of weapon.
  4. damaging college property including buildings, equipment, and vehicles.
  5. boycotting the classes or provoking other students for it.
  6. collecting any funds for donations within the college in the name of the college without the permission of the principal.
  7. the use of mobile phones and printing or distributing posters or giving statements in newspapers against the dignity of the college and its administration or faculty.
  8. Make-up and use jewelry (for female students).
  9. the use of mobile phones on the premises of the college.

There is no maternity leave for female students. Disciplinary action will be taken against the students who do not follow this code of conduct. It may lead to the expulsion of the guilty student(s), from the college.